Green Certifications

    This is a brief F.A.Q. what home certifications are and what we can do to help you get one if you so desire.

  • What is a home certification?

     A certification is a document confirming that your home meets a particular set of standards.  Different organizations have different criteria on which they judge a home.  Many of them also have different tiers which are awarded based on how well your home scores in their point system.

  • Why would I want or need a certification?

     There are sometimes tax credits or rebates available for achieving a particular standard.  You may want third party verification that these standards are met.
You may feel a point of pride by having your home certified.  There may be advantages in selling a home with a certification later down the road.  (we do not guarantee this will be the case)
Some mortgage companies offer incentives for certified homes.

  • What will it cost to get a certification?

     If we limit this question to just what the certifications costs and exclude the construction costs that it takes to meet the standards the answer is "it depends".  Each organization has different standards and requirements for demonstrating that you have met those standards.  It is on the order of thousands of dollars rather than hundreds.  If there is an active tax incentive at the time you build the home these can often offset the cost of obtaining these standards and even reward you with a substantial net tax credit.  

  • How do I know if there are any tax incentives for obtaining a certification? is a website that keeps track of current federal and state tax incentives for sustainable building practices.  Look here for the current federal tax incentives and the current New Mexico state tax incentives  It is the most well laid out reference site we have found but you will have to do a bit of careful reading to determine if you qualify.  As a client we would research what incentives may be available for your project and help you consider the cost:benefit analysis.

  • What certifications are available?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDS)
Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)
Build Green New Mexico (BGNM)
Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)
Energy Star