project Management

Project management is an umbrella term that covers many services.  Construction projects are remarkably complicated and effective project management is a critical job for a general contractor.  Good project management is how efficiency is increased, mistakes eliminated, and costs are reduced.  This is another area where our company surpasses our competition and here is why:


We have many financial tools to make sure your project is within budget and every penny is accounted for.  Our financial suite of services is quite extensive however it is proprietary so we will not detail it here.  When you are ready to meet and discuss your project we will be happy to show you what we offer in greater detail. Contact us when you are ready.


All of our projects are laid out on a Gantt chart, communicating goals with crew and subcontractors.  Keeping project on schedule and tracking progress.


Keeping clients, crew, subcontractors, architect, and engineer up to date with all relevant information.  We are very available by phone, email and face to face.  Listening and replying in a thoughtful and timely manner is paramount for our company.   Communication is organized through through our secure online system.


Crew and Subcontractor Oversight

Includes hiring, firing and daily supervision of all construction activities.  


Material Acquisition

Ordering materials, assisting clients with material and finish choices, technical research, equipment rental.

Dispute Resolution

We are the buffer between the client and all parties working on the project.  If a disagreement arises between any parties working on our project, we are very proactive about conflict resolution.  Honest and clear communication is the bedrock for avoiding conflict to begin with.

Managing Risk

We use our experience and extensive knowledge of the construction industry to make sure your best interests go into every decision.  If there is an area that presents short or long term risks we will be sure to present you with all the information you need to make an informed decision